Jun. 28th, 2014

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It occurred to me that I hadn't been on DW for forever and a day. Sometimes I ask myself how I went from posting almost everyday to next to nothing. I miss it. As much as I enjoy being in other spaces (Twitter - \0/! Tumblr - you kids get off my lawn), I miss the ins and outs of every day journaling.

Things change. I logged into LJ late last night to try and find a story via SGA Storyfingers. Success! But I've been away long enough to be cranky about the interface and general display. Shaking my fist to the sky.

We're grinding. Work is catch as catch can for now but we can keep a roof over our heads.

On the up side, my first piece of published fiction comes out in the September issue of the Luna Station Quarterly.

And, a member of Nerdgasm Noire filmed the "WOC in Genre TV" panel I was on at this year's WisCon. I'm the one with the potty mouth who has an opinion about everything.


Hello world

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We're already at the end of the first month of the year. Whoo.

A lot has been going on and at the same time it hasn't. We're in grind mode here at the Palace. There's work but not enough of it, so we're just getting by. Some things are worrisome, some not so much.

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Holiday Card Extravaganza

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I have cards. I have stamps. I have a fully formed plan to go to the pub in the old neighborhood, park myself at a table, have a few beers and get everything addressed and ready to go.

Since last year's cards got nuked in the "OMG WE HAVE TO MOVE" holiday rush, I am fully prepared this year to get some out. This year's selections are heavy on the non-sectarian Happy Holidays theme.

If you'd like one, post to the comments (which are screened,of course). Will also mail internationally just in case anyone is wondering.

Catching up with life

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I've been away for months. But after some fits and starts (plus a little journal freshening up), I'm back.

Rather than try and do a full recap, let's roll the bullet points! (Exposition to follow)

I'm still here, though, and doing my best to keep thriving which is all anyone can ask.



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Okay, DW seems to have eaten my post, in which case I will try to post again. If I double post then screw it.

1. Thanks for everyone's good wishes. Internet out at home but it's fixed now. However, I'm not at home. See below.

2. Flew out for my aunt's funeral. It's today. Shenanigans.

3. Home on Thursday.

Be excellent to one another.


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We're coming to the end of our sojourn here in the city right on the eve of another snow storm.

I'm thankful that the weather has been moderate since I've been here. Remember my panic at not having winter clothes that could stand up to the weather? Yeah, well, didn't wear the tights, pretty much got around in my long coat sweater with a few layers underneath, armwarmers and thick socks. Shirley and I shipped some of our heavier stuff home today; we'll have it by next week.

As hard as it is to leave, I've done what I came to do: said goodbye. One of Joyce's friends called today and we talked for a long while. It was good to have someone outside of my own head say that it was okay for me not to come to the funeral. In Elaine's words, "Fuck 'em. You've done enough."

And I know she's right but it's still hard to go. No doubt there will be some final shenanigans with the cousin but I'm way past giving a shit beyond making sure that Joyce is safe and happy until the end.

Passing strange

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We'll be flying out of here on Thursday morning with hopefully everything set up with health aides coming regularly.

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How we live today

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We've revised our stay to be here until Thursday of next week, mostly to give my cousin a hand with hiring private care attendants for my aunt.

My cousin's hit the overwhelmed stage of our program. Suddenly everything has become a lot more real for her ever since she got to speak to the hospice social worker and had things laid out in person. Saturday we'll sit down with my aunt and go through her copious (I mean she's got stuff organized by season) jewelry collection and start making decisions about who gets what and what goes where.

I'm lucky that Shirley was able to come out. She's provided some much needed outside perspective that I didn't have 20+ years ago when my mother and brother were dying. Plus, she'll be the first person to drag me out the door when the home health aide gets here. I'll putter around and burn away time and Shirl is all, "She's here, let's go NOW."

Right now, just waiting for the new hospice nurse to get here along with a doctor. Joyce is starting to refuse her medications beyond a certain point. I don't push but I need to get a handle on what this means in terms of her ongoing comfort.

Insomniac music post

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My body thinks I'm still on the West Coast which is why I'm still awake. Feh.

Have some Ramsey Lewis and get your groove on.


Let us give thanks

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for the priestly friend who didn't find my request to somehow do Ash Wednesday by electronic means weird and came up with two solutions, one of which I could take advantage of.


teyla, missing, ep related
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